Papua New Guinea suffers from very urgent shortage of health care workers as well as good health care system. Living condition is very bad and causes so many illnesses which claimed so many lives by curable diseases.

My wife as a nurse has a passion for helping people with their medical needs. She has been working in Papua New Guinea for the past 3 years as a nurse, and witnessed the struggles the local go through.

Our vision is to have our own clinic where my wife can manage and run the clinic. The GOAL of the clinic is to help the poor people with their medical needs, but most of all is to give them the gospel when the visit our clinic.

We are setting our goal to have our clinic building to be completed by 2020. We are currently looking to buy a portable sawmill which cost $US20,000. because we do have tree where we can use to get the timbers. That will cut the cost down to half of the building, and also we will use the portable sawmill to help build churches in different villages.

Please pray for us as we continue to raise our support for this project. If you would like to partner with us, please donate using this link: or paypal to Jayson Kopeap, Email:

In Christ!