Our Testimonies

My name is Jayson Kopeap, and I am from the village of Nembi Plateau in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I was saved when I was a teenager after God got my attention through a near death experience. I realized I was trying to earn salvation by trying to do right, but had never put my faith in Jesus Christ alone. I confessed I was a sinner, and my only Savior was Jesus who died on the cross to save me from my sins. While in my village, I attended my home church, Moriah Baptist Church, and developed a love and passion for serving the Lord in ministry. The Lord has given me a vision with a desire since I was younger to help my people in the Southern Highlands region of Papua New Guinea (PNG) with major medical needs and reaching
them with the gospel. The Lord opened the door for me to come to the states and study Bible, ministerial, and business, leaving Papua New Guinea and my family for 6 years while still staying committed to my desire for reaching my people with the gospel. While in the states, the Lord provided many areas of service in my local Baptist church, having opportunities to preach, teach, and use my musical talents for the Lord. As I studied in the states, I was praying that that Lord would provide me a companion who would have the same passion for the lost of Papua New Guinea and who could assist me in
ministry. What started in small conversation with Tiffany Heafner, who was currently serving with the Allen’s as a missionary nurse in a bush clinic in Papua New Guinea, grew into a deep connection, both of us desiring to serve the Lord in PNG. In April of 2018 in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, Tiffany and I were married and the next week were on our way to begin ministering in my village in PNG. Since beginning our ministry in April, we have seen over forty souls accept Christ as their Savior and over twenty-five people baptized in our church. We have started several new ministries in Moriah Baptist Church including a Ladies Bible Study meeting twice weekly and a growing youth group. Many have heard the gospel through Tiffany’s clinic ministry and I continue to share the gospel to the unreached souls through church planting. I am so excited to see what the Lord will continue to do in the near future.

Tiffany, Myself, and Kepano

Tiffany’s Testimony

“Now unto HIM that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power
that worketh in us, Unto HIM be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.
Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

I was born in Hawaii into a Christian home with parents who had a heart for the lost. Our family attended Koolau Baptist Church, and I went to school at our church’s academy. On February 9th, 2001when I was ten years old, Evangelist Paul Schwanke preached a message in our school’s chapel. That day after the evangelist spoke, I realized my need of Jesus Christ as my Savior, acknowledged myself as a sinner, and trusted that Jesus died and rose again to
take away my sin.

Shortly after I became saved, I told the Lord that I was willing to do whatever He wanted, and go wherever He wanted me to go. Lord began working on my heart for missions. I would go out soul-winning, and I loved seeing God open the eyes of those who were blind to the gospel. Missionaries would preach to our church or stay at our house and talk
about the mission field, creating a desire in my heart to be involved with missions work. In 2007 after graduatingKoolau Baptist Academy, I felt God leading me to West Coast Baptist College to study missions. Through my degree, college’s missions conferences, and the amazing preaching of great men of God, God grew the burning desire to serve the Lord, and grew my longing to go to wherever God called me.

God then led me to study nursing at Pensacola Christian College. After taking several medical missions trips and caring for people’s medical needs during my studies, I saw the opportunities to share the gospel to patients whose hearts God
had softened through health needs. The desire to serve the Lord on the mission field never left my heart and only grew as I watched God work in unique medical circumstances. Several weeks before my senior year graduation, the Allens, missionaries to the Gulf Province jungles of Papua New Guinea, presented their work. They shared the ministry opportunities of the Baptist Church. This included providing 24 hour medical services that ministered to the entire
Kamea peoples, some having to walk three days just to get medical attention. As they shared the ministries of the gospel centered clinic and the outreaches of the church, the Lord burdened my heart to help the ministry there.

From 2015-2017 I worked as a missionary nurse with the Allens in Papua New Guinea while holding Bible studies with many of the youth and committing myself to church ministries. When I returned to the states in 2017 to renew my visa and return to Papua New Guinea, the Lord brought Jayson Kopeap into my life. His vision was to return to PNG after completing his studies in the states and reach his village and other areas with the gospel. Our friendship grew and
in April of 2018 we were married in Papua New Guinea. Due to a 7.5 earthquake that affected his village in theSouthern Highlands, we immediately proceeded to our mission field and began rebuilding and administering medical care. I pray daily that God will continue to use my husband and I to proclaim His name and reach the lost and dying world for Christ.