We are the Kopeap’s to the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. My name is Jayson. My wife name is Tiffany, and our son, Kepano.
Serving in the village where I grew up means a lot to me. Many people I’ve known have passed away without knowing the Lord. It’s pains my heart to hear such news while I have been in the US studying computer software
engineering. Growing up in a small remote village in the highlands of PNG, it’s  a huge opportunity for me to get a chance to come and study in the states. While I was studying in the US, my heart grew stronger to go back in my village and give something very important to the community.

Even though, the villages in Papua New Guinea live a life below the poverty line, I knew for sure that the only thing I could give them that will last forever is JESUS! The Bible says, He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the ONLY way to inherit the kingdom of God. That is why I answered the call in Acts 1:8 . I must be a witness for Christ unto the uttermost part of the world. It is indeed a huge opportunity to serve Him.

I left my endeavor in computer science and pursue Bible. That’s the best decision I have ever made. It is exciting when I see someone turns their life from the old ways and become new in Christ–a new creature, they see new life.
My wife is a nurse and she works in our local clinic. She get to witness to patients everyday. we get 80–100 at an average. What an opportunity to share the gospel. I do church planting, and teaching to empower the youths for the Lord.
In Christ.