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August–September Prayer Letter

Fall is such a beautiful season that my wife and I do not experience in Papua New Guinea. We have enjoyed watching the vibrant green leaves along the bustling interstates turn stunning hues of red, orange, and yellow. The thin branches are all intertwined amongst each other, supporting each other as the cold weather creeps through the air. Even when all the leaves settle on the ground and decompose into lifeless brown pieces, the branches cling to the tree, receiving life from their unmoving source. As the branches all connect to their life-giving tree trunk, so Christians are all connected to their Life-Giver, Jesus Christ. As my wife and I traverse miles up and down the east coast, we have personally experienced the interweaving of our Christian family. 

 From July until the end of October, we have been and will be on the east coast. We would have often stayed in motels or our vehicle if Tiffany’s aunt in New York had not generously opened up her home to our family. She kindly helped us obtain spiritual and physical rest during the growing miles of travel. Most of our meetings in August and September have been in New York, which gave a slight reprieve from traveling as well. 

Prayer Request:

  • Ability to get a shipping container for medical supplies
  • Raise 15% more to reach 100% before traveling back to PNG in January
  • Obtaining Tiffany’s visa this month
  • Continued health for our family as we travel
  • Strength, finances, and wisdom for Pastor Herak, our village pastor
  • My dad, James, has stomach problems (needs to be treated at the hospital in the town 6 hours away)

At the end of July, we had a potential meeting in North Carolina which we thought had been canceled. Yet, God knew of a better time to schedule that meeting- in August right before we went to Florida for a meeting with our mission board. On Friday, we receive a call from Pastor Rouse in North Carolina asking us to present our ministry that Sunday. The meeting resulted in monthly support and a large donation toward the clinic. That week, on Tuesday, we arrived in Florida for the Heartland Baptist Mission Board’s candidate meeting. What spiritual encouragement from people serving Christ around the world! The Lord connected Tiffany with some missionaries to Mexico that she had previously met when they presented in Hawaii. She was able to help them and several other missionaries arrange their prayer letters online. Please pray for us and missionaries striving by faith to take the gospel throughout the world. 

Fellowshipping with Missionary Friend at Pensacola during the Candidate School
The Lord connected us with the Spivey family in Virginia after they came back from their trip to Hawai

The leading of our omniscient God provided us connections that still cause amazement and overwhelming gratefulness. At the end of September, we stayed with a sweet older couple for a Sunday meeting in New York. Upon our departure, we discovered that the people we were staying with for our next meeting were actually related to the couple, and only lived a few hours away. These meetings uplifted our hearts and both churches voted to support us in the same week. 


  • We received Kepano’s passport
  • In October we should be obtaining Tiffany’s dependent visa
  • The unspoken prayer request from Tiffany’s extended family has been answered
  • A church supplied almost half the amount we need for our clinic building
  • My sister is fully recovered from the infection 
  • More churches have taken us on for support
Missions Conference at First Baptist Church of Black River, NY

Our connections with our spiritual family spread all around the world. While we worship Sunday night in the states, our Papua New Guinean family is starting their day getting ready for morning services. As we receive encouragement here, we challenge our church family in PNG to stay committed and keep serving Christ. Also, your fervent prayers have connected you with our church family in PNG. Through your prayers, my sister Joyce has received healing and strength. Our pastor in the village has had many difficulties and struggles over these past few months. I praise the Lord our village church has strong Christians like my mother, who will uplift those who are discouraged instead of tearing down with unkind and judgmental clamoring. Please pray for our church family to keep their eyes on the Giver of Life and pray for us as we anxiously anticipate being with them again in January.   

My sister, Joyce, has completely recovered from her illness

All Christians have a connection through Christ’s sacrifice. The intertwining of our Christian family is truly a miracle. When Christians are unified then Christ’s name is magnified, and His glory pierces through the darkness. Jesus Christ is our Head “from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.” Colossians 2:19


Serving in Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Serving through Medical Missions, Church Planting, and Teaching/ Equipping.