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May–July, Prayer Letter

Matthew 14: 14 “And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and He healed their sick.

“Filled Up”
Blank….that’s how our schedule appeared at the beginning of May. Our calendar was filled with empty days as we picked up our rental vehicle from Los Angeles and began traveling on furlough. Satan wanted to fill our minds with anxiety and doubt as the miles of travel lay before us, but the Spirit enveloped our hearts with the peace of knowing the One Who is in control. God’s Comforter brought calmness to the uncertainty ahead. He also filled the hearts of pastors with a burden for Papua New Guinea before they even received our call. The road ahead will never be dark when we know the One Who lights our path.

Our first meeting brought us from California twenty hours north to Idaho. God arranged this meeting considering we never knew Pastor Carr until we made divinely appointed phone call. The fellowship with the pastor’s family and church was so encouraging that first week of May. They also asked us to come back in June and help with their VBS, and began supporting us monthly. Through this meeting, God also provided a potential partner to help Tiffany in our future clinic. Melody, Pastor Carr’s daughter, is getting a degree in nursing, has a burden for missions, and has been praying for direction. The Lord merged our paths, and during our time with her family, Tiffany was able to speak with Melody about the probability of ministering in Papua New Guinea.

1. Six churches have taken us on for support
2. Ability to fellowship and receive advice from many different pastors along our journey
3. Continued travel safety
4. Our family has remained healthy
5. Our garden and plants back in the village have flourished
6. My mom has continued to host the Ladies Bible Study every week

1. The paperwork goes through quickly for Kepano’s passport
2. Getting Tiffany’s dependent visa and passport renewal
3. My sister Joyce’s recovery from infection
4. James, my father, to grow spiritually
5. Preparation for our next ladies meeting at the village in February 2020
6. Tiffany’s extended family unspoken
7. Finances for bringing back needed supplies to Papua New Guinea
8. Growth and grace for our supporting churches
9. Joyce, my second youngest sister, has a severe infection that has caused her extremeties to swell. Now she is on antibiotics and slowly recovering.

Seeing God’s hand in our meetings is truly exciting! One meeting at a current supporting church, Mountain Avenue Baptist Church, led to an unscheduled meeting with Pastor Wirtz in Arizona the following month. That meeting in Arizona also led to another meeting that Pastor Wirtz helped us arrange. We praise the Lord for pastors who share our burden for the salvation of all in Papua New Guinea, and who are willing to help us on furlough as well. We’ve watched God open doors for presenting our ministry these past several months of travel. God has orchestrated a series of unforeseen meetings with the help of faithful pastors along our journey. In June, while we were in Oregon, two phone calls on a Saturday resulted in two meetings that next Sunday morning and evening. Some pastors have stayed in Tiffany’s parent’s missionary apartment in Hawaii. We have connected with these pastors who have graciously opened their pulpits so I could preach and present our ministry.

Despite our short time of travel, God has filled our monthly support level to nearly 75%. He has given us six new churches that have partnered with us to bring the gospel to Papua New Guinea. Lord willing, we will be at the full 100% support goal by the time we go back to Papua New Guinea in January 2020. God has given us tremendous opportunities to share our ministry during our travel and also share the greatest news of the gospel to man. The best part of our journey has been the gospel’s seed being planted and the fruit springing up to eternal life. One of our stops led us to Woody and Bill, both older veterans who needed to hear the gospel. Seven children accepted Christ while we helped a church in North Carolina with their Vacation Bible School. We pray the Lord continues to fill our calendar with meetings and fill our path with hearts open to receive and be transformed by God’s Word.