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A Desperate Call

As the shocks still pulse through the unsteady ground and the ground still quivers, the shock from the disaster still plagues our minds. At three in the morning, the peaceful sleep of the villagers in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea was shattered by the rumbling and splitting of the ground on which they rested. Buildings were torn apart and flattened as the earth opened up and shook with horrific force. The land which gave people their necessary food and the mountains which flowed with clean water now have collapsed, destroying crops and leaving the drinking water filled with debris and dirt. Landslides and crumbling of structures have consumed dozens of lives, the number of deaths still rising. This earthquake of massive magnitude has left thousands of people homeless and grieving, without even a place of shelter and still trapped in this unsafe place.

One of the villages devastated by this earthquake is my village. While in Port Moresby getting my visa to come to the states, the earthquake hit my home. For several days, i was unable to communicate with my family back in the village to see if any of their lives were taken. Finally, my dad was able to contact me stating none of the family had died, but my baby sister was struck while sleeping with my mother in the house. She has several bruises but appears to be stable. However, the nearest health center has been destroyed, and medical help has been slow in coming to the village. The village people of Nipa-Kutubu in the Southern Highlands are in need of hope and comfort. There is a desperate cry ringing out from hurting hearts and grieving souls which need the comforting love of the Heavenly Father. Just like Paul answered the Macedonian call pleading “Come…and help us”, now the Lord is sending a call to help those desperate souls in Papua New Guinea crying out for the saving truth and compassionate care.

There is a call to return. As I and Tiffany are planning our future together of service in Nipa-Kutubu of Papua New Guinea, the Lord continues to stir our hearts with the desperate need for the gospel there. The lives lost through this disaster brings pain to our hearts but a fire to our souls to reach those who do not know Christ in these difficult time.